Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Whatever Goes Wednesday

I had a baby shower to attend this past weekend for a friend and I really wanted to give her something handmade. I was especially excited since I got some really cool baby girl stamps and ideas. I had some baby onsies already made so I went with that theme. I decided she would need some "thank you" cards so I made some along with envelopes. I tied them together with some ribbon and added those to the basket. I must stop myself here and tell you about the basket because it was such a great find. I found it at the Dollar Tree!! Yes, you heard me it was only one dollar. It looks much more expensive and it is really sturdy and well made. I love finding things like that. Anyways, back to the gifts. I also found a cute picture frame and altered it by adding some really darling pattern paper. I think it is from Chatterbox. I tied some ribbon around the frame and distressed it a bit with sponges and ink. Finally I added some baby stamps I found at the dollar spot in Micheal's. When my friend opened my gift she got so excited. She loved it and was so happy that I had taken the time to make her baby something special. It was great fun.
I did not take a close up of the basket but when I do I will post it up so you can tell me if you think it looks like it was one dollar.
Happy Thanksgiving


AnneMarie said...

I can't wait to see what you got
the gifts are awesome!! your friend is very lucky! I have onesies that my friend stitched on- each one of my kids has used them.. they keep forever and will be used for the next if there is one lol!

Jessi said...

Your friend is going to LOVE it!!!ITS TOOO CUTE!!! TFS