Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wallet Card Tutorial

Hi All. I am so glad that you guys enjoyed the wallet birth announcement. I also noticed that some of you wanted a tutorial on how to make these cute little cards. So here goes.

Step 1: You will need one piece of 12 x 12 card stock of designer paper and score using the Scor-Pal at 1/2", 3", 6", 9", and 11 1/2inches.
Step 2: Fold in the two outer score lines.

Step 3: Fold all the edges of the card stock to the nearest score line forming 4 small triangles.
Step 4: Fold in the two outer panels.
Step 5:Turn the paper around so that the folded flap side is facing downward. Then bring the two shorter edges together and tuck them into each other.

Step 6: When tucked in as far as you can go (about an inch) fold the whole thing together. (Picture shown is the side view of the project.)

Step 7: Viola!! Fold down on the crease and you have your criss cross wallet card. Embellish with, stamps, chipboard, file folders, pictures, gift cards, and any other memento.BTW I am not great at tutorials so if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will try to answer the best I can.


dd2njoy said...

Wow,this is a great piece and tutorial,I have to try this!!It's gorgeous!! You're one awesome chick!!!TFS!!

Flossie's Follies said...

Thanks, this is great

Karen said...

Great tutorial. I'm gonna have to give this one a try

mum on the run said...

Wow, this looks great, thanks so much!

Amy said...

Awesome tutorial and beautiful card. I'm totally trying this one! Thank you for your expertise.

Anna said...


Thanks so much for this tutorial. Your cards are amazing.

Wife2TJ said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!!!

Tiffany said...

Great Tutorial Ana! I just love this little wallet, and you jazzed it up so cute! It's adorable, and of course little Joshy too!

Kelly said...

thanks for the tutorial, this is such a pretty little card!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Ana,
I made one the other night without the actual dimentions and it turned out ok but I needed your tutorial! It's Great, just like you.
Thanks for all your hard work!

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