Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogs

Hi All!! I have been tagged by my BFF "Blogging Friend Forever" Kirsten from Confessions of a Naptime Stamper and the SUPERSTAR Valerie from Basement Bliss as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. *Yippee* Thanks Kirsten you rock too!! So I am suppose to tag five blogs that you think are Rockin' It and then let them know. So this is supper tough for me since their are sooo MANY Rockin' Girl Bloggers out there but since I can only pick *frown* 5 here goes....

1. I have to tag Tiffany first since she is the one who started me with this whole stamping addiction. She is also super talented and I heart her.

2. Second I am going to tag Sophia Landry since she is super sweet and super talented!!

3. Third is Kim since she totally spoiled me with her beautiful BRAK and those awesome CTMH images. Plus she is pure talent :)

4. Forth I am tagging Anna since she has such a unique talent. I love ALL of her cards.

5. Lastly I will tag Stephanie because she is plain ROCKIN' and amazingly talented.

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